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Company Background

Sri Vinayaka Group was formed way back four decades ago. We stated basically in Trading/Contract in Electrical Industry based in Bangalore and with operations covering entire Karnataka State. We were one among the seven Electrical Contractors operating in Karnataka in those days. Gradually, down the generation the group diversified into Transportation Industry and further diversified into trading in Construction Materials.

Sri Vinayaka Associates:

Sri Vinayaka Associates, established in the year 2003 as a partnership firm are the sole Distributors for Karnataka and Goa for the below range of Products.

1. "SFMC Brand" PP-R Pipes and fittings
2. "Ajay Brand" CPVC & UPVC Pipes and fittings
3. "Prince" PVC pipe & Fittings
4. "Bolan" Sanitary ware and CP bathroom fittings

Apart from trading, we also used to undertake PHE Contracts of medium & big scale size

Sri Vinayaka Domestic & Industrial Piping Co:

Presently, Sri Vinayaka Domestic & Industrial Piping Co. is newly formed company with the old activity i.e plumbing contracts with more emphasis on turnkey projects with dedicated personnel for the job.

Sri Vinayaka Carriers:

Under Sri Vinayaka Group, Sri Vinayaka Carriers is in the business of Transportation owning a fleet of about 60 Cargo vehicles and most of them are in annual contract with major companies. This group employees about 45 persons with present Annual Turnover of Rs 14 Crores.

Our Team:

Sri Vinayaka Associates and Sri Vinayaka Domestic and Industrial Piping Co. is a partnership firm established in the year 2004 & 2007 respectfully. This Division is professionally managed by two partners viz., Mr. Umashankar aged 39 years with MBA degree and a experience of 15 years in various fields and Mr. G.L. Sridhar, aged 35 years, a commerce graduate. This division has an annual turnover of over Rs 15 Crore and employees about 60 persons well qualified for various functions of the business.



We enjoy premium position with Kotak Mahindra Bank & ICICI Bank basing on our transactions and are branded as ‘PREVILAGED CUSTOMERS”. Our Bankers have self approved over draft facility to the tune of 40 lakhs and of course not utilized. Funding sufficient monies for the projects is not an issue.

Financial Background:

  • The company has a steady growth of about 20-25% annually. The Group annual turnover for the current financial year is estimated over Rs 20 Crores per annum with fairly good profits. Its well financially managed with surplus funds for Diversification and other developmental activities. The company maintains a very good relation with the bankers and enjoys complete support from them. We enjoy premium position with ICICI Bank basing on our transactions. Our Bankers have self approved over draft facility to the tune of 40 lakhs and of course not utilized. Funding sufficient monies for the projects is not an issue. The company can invest appropriate funds for new ventures depending on the returns.


  • The group employees about 60 persons for this division and 10 of them are directly in sales apart from Accounts, Admin and Inventory. More emphasis is always on the revenue generators-the sales team. The sales team is professionally managed by self with clear annual targets and sales review weekly/monthly with corrective actions and planning promotions. Entire sales team are well qualified and experienced in the industry and do have 5-7 years experience in the construction industry.

    Further, under Sri Vinayaka Domestic & Industrial Piping Company, we have optimum no of personnel to take up PHE Contracts. [Please verify the organization chart]. We got all professionally trained plumbing supervisors with rich 10-15 years of experience in plumbing.

List of Equipments & Tools:

WORK SHOP EQUIPMENTS & FIELD EQUIPMENT, all such tools required regular, specialised , automated machines with sufficient quantities.

Office & Warehouse:

  • We do have well furnished office and depot at the same place. About 12000 Sq ft of space is been utilized presently and also have provision for an increase of about 500 Sq ft for future use. The office is well equipped with all necessary office automation and communications required for smooth functioning. However, any extra space required can be provided at required locations and measurements.

Market Relation:

  • We enjoy the complete supports from all the leading Architects and consultants in Karnataka and they are highly supporting for our existing products range. Also, we have maintained good relationship with major Retailers and wholesale in the state who are the key persons for the growth.



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